Yep, Summer is definitely gone...

Storm coming over Bondi Beach. Photo from here
I knew Summer days had to end eventually, but I wasn't expecting this!

Autumn officially arrived to Australia this month and the rainy days were becoming more and more frequent.
The rain seemed to have given us a break yesterday, and while it had been the sunniest and warmest day for the past week, the weather took a sudden turn in the afternoon when a massive cloud wall covered the skies. It was the darkest and scariest thunderstorm I have ever seen!

It caused floods in the CBD, delays in public transport and chaotic traffic, right in the middle of peak-hour. Thankfully it was all over in a few hours and today we're back to 'normal'.

Storm clouds rolling across Sydney. Photo from here

Storm front moving over Bondi Beach. Photo from here

Pretty spectacular photos, right?

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