Just another weekend in Australia

Summer is slowly slipping away, so we try to spend every sunny weekend outside, while the good weather lasts.
We woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning and the weather was perfect for a pic-nic, so we packed some food, joined a couple of friends and headed north to Morisset Park, 100km from Sydney. It had been a while since we'd seen kangaroos and this park is known to be the best spot to catch them in the wild.

It wasn't hard to tell we were in the right place, as we approached the park and we could spot kangaroos casually sleeping on the side of the road. Some curious ones would stick their ears up at the sound of the car, checking us out.
There were so many of them, just hanging around in large groups, and lots of mothers with babies in their pouches.

We found a quiet pic-nic area, away from curious wallabies, and had a nice relaxing lunch, before venturing through the park to meet the locals.

They are so used to human visits that they allow us to come really close and we can interact with them safely.

Even a young mother with a little joey in her pouch came to us and let us pat her.

Note the joey's legs sticking out of her pouch on the left

The couple of seconds when we actually saw the baby's head

We spent a good few of hours in the park, taking photos, enjoying the surroundings and just appreciating these amazing animals.
I can't think of a better way to relax and get ready for another week!

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