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Sunday afternoon at Wattamolla Beach

The weekend brought us sunshine and warmth, an increasingly rare combination, now that Autumn has arrived to Australia, so we took the opportunity to go sightseeing.

We packed some food, joined some friends, and headed to the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, for a BBQ and a relaxed afternoon by the beach.

It's a short trip and in less than an hour we reached our destination: the picnic area of Wattamolla.

One of the things I love about Australia is how easily we have access to beautiful parks outside the bustle of the city (in fact, even in the city there are plenty of nice parks). Being able to enjoy leisure areas with all essential facilities and even free barbecues it's really a privilege!
In the National Park there's an $11 dollar fee per vehicle, a fair enough price to pay to enjoy the Nature, while helping with general maintenance and conservation of the park.

We found a perfect shaded spot, had our turn on the barbie and enjoyed a great Sunday lunch.
Then  we were ready to make the journey to the beach.

On the way to the beach
We walked towards the coast and found a beautiful beach, surrounded by rocks and a trail of water,  which we actually had to cross to reach the sand.

On the other side
Beach on one side, forest on the other
It was a complete change of scenario from the grassed picnic area and suddenly it felt like we were somewhere else.

We followed the little river further into the beach, where a lagoon formed near the waterfalls. It was the perfect setting for our relaxed afternoon.

The waterfalls and the "jump rock"
Here we had plenty of entertainment, watching agile kids climbing the rocks to the top and then jump from up there. I should say that it's dangerous and prohibited to climb and jump from that area, but it sure made for a good time watching them having fun and 'scoring' the jumps.

The soft sand, the heat of the sun peeking through the clouds, the sound of the waterfalls and the sea in the distance, made ​​this the perfect place to rest and to recharge batteries for another week. 

I left my camera at home and those phone photos don't do the beauty of this place any justice.
I'll leave you with these, from the official website, instead:

Photo from here
Photo from here
Photo from here

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Etsy Finds - Mosey Handmade

I don't know why it still surprises me to find such talented artists on Etsy. I love browsing through the different sections of the website and I keep finding new shops with great ideas, creative concepts and unique handmade products.
There's something special about purchasing something you can't find in the shops, while supporting small businesses like mine.

Today I want to show you the work of Mosey Handmade, a sweet Etsy shop filled with waldorf inspired birthday crowns and toys.

From party hats, to fairy wands and cake decorations, there's a bit of everything! Jes uses wool felt and ribbon in her creations, making them soft and durable, perfect for little hands to play with.

All products are handmade with great attention to detail, and they all look adorable!

The crowns are definitely my favourite, they make the perfect accessory for a birthday girl/boy on their special day and they will surely lead to many hours of fun and play, even after the party.

Visit their shop at

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Yep, Summer is definitely gone...

Storm coming over Bondi Beach. Photo from here
I knew Summer days had to end eventually, but I wasn't expecting this!

Autumn officially arrived to Australia this month and the rainy days were becoming more and more frequent.
The rain seemed to have given us a break yesterday, and while it had been the sunniest and warmest day for the past week, the weather took a sudden turn in the afternoon when a massive cloud wall covered the skies. It was the darkest and scariest thunderstorm I have ever seen!

It caused floods in the CBD, delays in public transport and chaotic traffic, right in the middle of peak-hour. Thankfully it was all over in a few hours and today we're back to 'normal'.

Storm clouds rolling across Sydney. Photo from here

Storm front moving over Bondi Beach. Photo from here

Pretty spectacular photos, right?

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