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Last weekend I went with a friend (also graphic designer) to the Spring Spectacular Bridal Expo here in Sydney. It was funny because neither of us is getting married and everyone there offering their services would ask us "Who's the bride to be?".
After explaining a few times that we were there only to have a look and seeing the disappointment in their faces, perhaps thinking we were some king of desperate single women who didn't even have a boyfriend and were already shopping for a wedding gown, we started pretending that one of us were actually engaged (we took turns). It was hilarious!

Even though we really enjoyed the Fashion Parade and had a blast commenting some of the ugly and over-sparkling dresses we saw, our purpose there was to get inspiration for our design projects.

So this week I'm committed to design a few sets of printable wedding stationery. This was the first one. It's available in different colours and it's, of course, customisable with the customer's details.
Check the Etsy shop for more ideas later this week.
I hope you like it!

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