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It was one of those days of the month, after a long day at work and with my mood at its worst, when I had to go to the supermarket for some "provisions".
One of the hardest things for me to find since I moved to Australia was a good brand of feminine products. I had a few frustrating attempts at it, until I found a brand that I liked. Well, that day I couldn't find it there...
After half an hour walking back and forward in the feminine care aisle, my eyes caught the word "design" in one of the packages. It said those pads had "a range of fun and colourful designs to suit your mood". Sold! Those were the ones I bought.
And after all, they ended up being the best pads I've tried here and they're actually kinda cute.

So, from now on, the typical bad mood of those days will be (slightly) improved, thanks to the excitement of knowing wich design I'll be getting next. Silly me...

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