A special birthday celebration

I’m not the kind of person who leaves things to the last minute. I like to stay organised and have specific schedules for the things I have to do.
But sometimes life gets in the way and when I notice it I'm right on top of the event. That’s what happened last weekend, on my better half’s birthday.

After Easter and some very busy weeks with lots of work, I realised I hadn’t had the time to get anything ready for the dinner party on Sunday. I left it until Saturday to buy his present and the supplies I needed for the party. I must say at this point I was starting to panic, thinking about how much I had to do in so little time.

I woke up early on Sunday to get the decoration ready. Yep, in this house any party has to have a special decor, for kids or grown-ups.
Of course things didn’t go to plan and my printer refused to cooperate. So I had to forget the nice printables I had designed the night before and go with a plan B. I reached for my crafts box, found some coloured papers and I improvised some little toothpick flags and a mini cake bunting. Done!

I’ve spent the afternoon in the kitchen, while he rearranged the living room, and I even attempted my first 2 layer cake while cooking for 10. It could have gone wrong, but as it turns out I did a pretty good job and the simple decoration turned out even better than I had imagined!

The main table, with a black tablecloth and pops of red (his favourite colour).

Appetizers and dips to start with.

No food labels? Write on the tablecloth!

It was a great night and everything was delicious!

Do you have a party coming soon and not much time to decorate? Follow these tips to recreate this party's look:

  • Pick a main colour and get essential props (like plates, cups, napkins and cutlery) in that colour, to set the theme. Disposable utensils will also make the after-party clean up a lot easier.

  • Use nice platters (white is always a good option) and display the food creatively.

  • Stretch a black plastic tablecloth over the table and secure it in place with tape. You can then use chalk to write on it, instead of using food labels.

  • Create a simple cake bunting using 2 straws, a piece of string and scrapbook paper.

  • Embellish toothpicks with small pieces of coloured paper and double-sided tape, to make little flags.

  • If you don't have a lot of time to cook, serve some "ready to eat" foods, like cheese and cold meats, chips, dips and crackers or store bought cakes and pasties.

Happy parties!

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