The perks of having a baby niece

My sister called me last night asking me for a favour. My little 4 months old niece is just starting to eat and she desperately needed a planner to help her keep the introduction of solid foods organised.
This proud auntie does everything for her beautiful niece, so she came to the rescue and designed a printable kit specially for her :)

Not having kids myself yet, I find it hard to understand exactly what new parents need, but now that there is a new baby in the family, I'm starting to learn more about children and parenthood.

Introducing solid foods and keeping track of new ingredients in the baby's diet can be overwhelming. These files were designed according to a new mum's needs, to make it easier to plan the baby's meals with new ingredients, flag reactions and keep track of progress.

There's a food chart that you can fill in with the ingredients recommended by your doctor for your baby's age. You can then tick them off once successfully introduced to your baby or flag eventual reactions.
This can be particularly useful if you need to leave your baby with someone that doesn't know what he's eating already. Just hand them the list and they'll know which foods to avoid.

There's also a monthly planner where you can write the meal/ingredient every day, mark if the baby liked it or not and any reactions. 

I'm so glad I could help my sister with this otherwise overwhelming task, and I'm sure this will come in handy to a lot of other new parents out there.

You can find this printable kit in the shop.

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