How it all started

About 5 months ago I moved from Portugal to Sydney.

Although I loved my country and I had a stable life, living in a brand new apartment and working full time as a graphic designer, I wasn't completely fulfilled with my job and I was worried about the future with the economical crisis going on there.
Taking the step to move so far away wasn't easy, but my boyfriend had a lot of relatives here and they welcomed and supported us through this new beginning.

My boyfriend found a nice job straight away, but for me it took a while. At first I was studying, then I started to work in casual jobs. By the time I finished the English course I was only working about 5 hours a day, so I grabbed the opportunity to spend my spare time doing something I love and that could give me some extra money.
That's when I opened the Etsy shop at and started taking my party decoration ideas more seriously.

This blog will not only be a showcase of my work, but also a diary of my Australian adventure. Wish me luck! :)

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