On being a migrant

When I first moved to Australia with my partner, 3 years ago, I had no plans. We didn't know if we were going to like it here or how long we were going to stay.
We left our home country for the biggest trip either of us had ever made, left jobs, friends and family (and a cat) behind. Packed our lives in a couple of (big) suitcases and left.

I still remember the day we arrived in Sydney for the first time, coming literally from the other side of the world. Going from Winter to Summer in a matter of hours and dealing with the jetlag, everything seemed so strange and I didn't think I was going to like it at first.
But then in the next few weeks we visited the main landmarks, discovered more about the city, met people from different cultures, started to enjoy the lifestyle, and eventually fell in love with this place. One day, I don't know exactly when, on my way to the local grocery store, I remember thinking to myself how I got to know those streets so well and how nothing felt strange to me anymore. I was home.

3 and a half years later, we feel at home in Australia but a big part of us will always be in Portugal - our home country. Because that's were our most important people in the word live and we miss them everyday.
This year we're coming back for 2 very special events: our niece's 1st birthday and my sister's wedding. The hardest part of living abroad is definitely being far from the people we love, so we're looking forward to spend some quality time together with our families (and the cat!).

I'll try to update the blog with posts about the holidays and details of the parties we're going to attend. In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram @mypartydesign to see what I'm up to these holidays.

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