A day in the Blue Mountains

'The Three Sisters' - view from the Echo Point lookout
This year in Australia we've been blessed with a warm and sunny start to Autumn. It would be a shame to let another gorgeous sunny day go by and not enjoying it fully, so I took the opportunity to visit the Blue Mountains on a day off.

We headed straight to Echo Point, the main lookout overviewing the 'Three Sisters', the mountain's most famous landmark. The 'Three Sisters' is an unusual rock formation that, according to Aboriginal legend, represent three sisters who were turned to stone. The view is breathtaking and the magnificence of the place is almost overwhelming.

From that point there are several bushwalks you can do, from short and easy, to long ones for more experienced bushwalkers.
We decided to go down the 'Giant Stairway', 900 steps down the cliff that would take us right to the bottom of the sisters. It's a long way down and the staircase is steep but there are plenty of rest points along the way and the amazing views are well worth the effort.

So many steps!
About a third of the way we reached one of the 'sisters'
Under the 'Sisters'
When we reached the bottom, after a much needed lunch break, we continued on an easy rainforest walk to the Scenic Railway, the special train that takes you back up.

The Scenic Railway
The plan was to take the train, but somehow my partner convinced me to continue on another walk to see the Katoomba Falls. I don't know how I agreed with it, but in a matter of minutes we were starting to climb the Furber Steps.

I think I regretted the decision after only a few steps...
I'm not gonna lie, going up was tough and I had to stop at every single rest point to catch my breath, but the truth is we would have missed the most amazing sites if we hadn't done it on foot.

Walking through the forest
Katoomba falls
The Skyway
What a great way to forget our obligations, turn off our gadgets and simply disconnect from the world and relax. At least until the next day, when your legs start to feel sore from all that walking!

There was still a lot to see and do, so we hope to be back soon (hopefully for an easier walk with less steps!).

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