Organizing and planning

There's something I need to tell you. I'm a bit of an organization freak, I admit it.
I'm the kind of person who has multiple planners, for different things: one for personal things, one for work and a small one to go in my purse. I also use Google Calendar and Post-its are my best friends!

I love "to-do lists" and I always carry a piece of paper in my pocket with things to do on that day or a grocery list. Yes, every day, all the time. That's why I need to check all the pockets in my clothes before doing the laundry...  :)

Yesterday I was looking at the meal planner in my fridge, one that I bought a while ago and is nearly finished, and I thought "Why did I buy that if I could make one myself?".

And my first organization printable was born! This weekly meal planner is now available in my shop, in three different colours.

Weekly meal planner available here

Weekly meal planner available here

I hope you find it as useful as I do. I know I couldn't live without mine any more...

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