DIY Rock Candy

After finding a few tutorials on Pinterest, I had to try this. Rock candy is not only a great treat but also a cute decorative addition to any party table.
I followed this tutorial and it was really easy. Well, in my first attempt, some of the sticks got covered in crystals unusually quickly, as the sugar syrup hardened in just a few hours. That didn't seem right to me and the result was a bit sloppy, so I started again.
I think that happened because I put too much sugar in the mixture or maybe the sugar had not dissolved properly. So I went for 2 parts of sugar for 1 part of water, I kept stirring the sugar syrup for longer and it worked just fine.

This is my final product, 7 days later.

What you'll need:
- Lots of sugar
- Water
- Bamboo skewers
- narrow clear glasses or jars

- Mix equal parts of sugar and water in a pot on med-high heat until dissolved.
- Continue to add sugar until you have a 2:1 ratio
- Mix until the mixture starts to simmer
- Add food colouring or flavour as desired
- Let your syrup cool down for about 10 minutes while you prepare the sticks

- Trim down your skewers to fit the jars you'll be using.
- Dip the skewers in water, then roll in sugar (I found it more effective to dip them in the syrup)
- Let the skewers dry completely

- Carefully pour the sugar syrup into jars using a funnel
- Insert the sugar covered stick into the jar, using clothespins to make sure they won't touch the bottom (don't put more that 2 sticks in each jar or they won't have enough room to grow)
- Place your jars in a warm location with natural light and in approximately 7 days your rock candy will be ready!

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